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E-Mail Marketing

Electronic mail (email) has become a vital part of our society. Individuals use email to quickly communicate regarding personal matters. Companies use email to communicate with customers and employees, solicit additional business and communicate with business partners.

 Why do you need a Corporate E-mail?

  • It is always accessible
  • It helps to build a brand
  • Your small business will gain credibility
  • You can easily create new ones or remove inactive ones
  • When you have your own email addresses you also have full control over them
  • It provides more clarity to your customers when they communicate with you

 Our Services

  • Secure Email Hosting
  • Rules and Filters
  • Generous Email Storage Space.
  • Quick Setup and Deployment
  • Protect Your Business From Spam and Viruses
  • Simple, reliable and affordable email forwarding service for your own domain name