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Toll Free Number Services & IVR


Toll Free Number Services & IVR

A Toll Free Services is a number or a set of numbers, which callers may reach by dialling in, either for free or at a nominal cost. Our Toll Free Services cater to enterprise Customizeers across the country. Dispensed on our state of the art, intelligent network platform, we support Toll Free Services across all service providers and ensures ease of access for your Customizeers while reaching out to your business.

 Why do you need a Toll Free Services?

  • Your marketing campaigns get an increased response.
  • Calls will be handled automatically with auto attendant.
  • Your brands image is enhanced in the local, state as well as national markets.
  • Your caller will not get a busy tone anymore.
  • A global presence is given to your business.
  • Customizeer doesn’t have to pay to call on toll free no.

 Features of Toll Free Number:

  • Call Recording:
  • Unified Management:
  • Multi-Agent Access
  • Mobile App

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